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2 years ago

I had the weirdest dream


I lived in a giant movie theater complex that (for some reason) was attached to the ocean and I saved a guy from drowning then I went to get breakfast, because the movie theater was more like a hotel I guess and served meals along with concessions, and then I got lost trying to avoid paying at the registers because I didn’t have any money and then I ran into Armie Hammer and we apparently had the same “crests” (like from Digimon) so he fit them together and then he made out with me.


the fuck

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3 years ago
harry potter dreams


i had the most beautiful dream ever. we were all sitting in front of JK, in front of a long table. and she was giving each a souvenir. harry was sitting next to me. and some people got that and that and i had a white rock that once belonged to zabini. i started looking in it and i was like HARRY LOOK WE CAN SEE GINNY. it was like a loop of some images of a big ass hall and we could see ginny and then the loop stopped and it starts to play a whole sequence and all we can see is fleur dancing with bill and they are older and around them it’s the kids but really older like teenagers, and ron and hermione and everyone and fred is there.


3 years ago


I can’t remember the details of last night’s dream but I know it was this huge epic adventure tale, cross between Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, Harry Potter, X-Men and god knows what else. Maybe the battle of Hastings? :\ I know there was something about a wand, a really special wand, but it wasn’t the elder wand, it was like… an animal wand. Don’t ask me how that works, maybe spirits of animals gave it its power? Again, god knows. All I know is that I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning because I wanted to know how the dream ended, I wish I could remember more of it :(

3 years ago
dreams crazy true blood

Car, True Blood, Transformers…

So I didn’t sleep very well at all last night but when I did I had two crazy dreams.

The first one I think was set in Melbourne. I was picking an old friend from school up in the city in my car and we were going back to my house. Everything looked different and it was way way busier than even peak hour but still somehow it was Melbourne. We were on a main road with heaps of lanes and I was supposed to be turning off down a side street but we were going so fast and there were so many cars that I missed it. We turned around somewhere up ahead from that but I missed it on the way back as well. I turned around somewhere again but I kept missing the turn off over and over again every time. I was speeding along as if I was on a rollercoaster. I somehow was driving along the top of a huge long truck and it was about to go under an overpass so I had to jump off the truck and back on to the road.

The second dream started off in a hot, desert-y type place but in a city. I was at university and one of my subjects was “retail” and was supposed to have worked at two stalls selling like t-shirts and stuff. I hadn’t gotten enough hours working in each stall so I had to talk to the shop owners to ask them if they’d just pretend I’d done more hours than I had so I could pass the subject. They were both very obliging so then I could relax and go and see my friends: Jason from True Blood, Rene Lenier from True Blood, and Megan Fox with long, wavy, sandy coloured hair. I guess we were a kind of trouble making bunch used to being in trouble. Somehow we managed to get a police officer (Sheriff Andy Bellefleur from True Blood) to drive his little lime green smart car into a shop window and smash it. He got out of the car to chase us and we all ran in different directions. He sort of caught up with the others and gave them a bit of a beating before they got away but I managed to get away unscathed. We all met up together again and were laughing about it when Andy found us again. Instead of beating on me he gave me a long, hard kiss on the forehead before leaving. I guess this was an even worse punishment because I was so horrified that I slid to the ground in shock as my friends came over to see if I was alright.

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3 years ago

So, I had this scary ass dream last night…


Basically it was this AU or something where four of my friends (and for some reason Misha was there as like a teenager and one of my friends or something) went to this house.

There was writing on the wall, from spirits. We learned that someone close to us died, and that they were inside the house as spirits, and that they missed us and wanted us to come visit.

But then the million dollar question—were they friendly?

They weren’t. They separated us, two people in the basement, two people upstairs.

Me and the other girl grabbed one of those heavy duty bags of salt, and put a really thick ring around it. The only problem was that we had absolutely nothing, nothing to protect us. No iron, no weapons, and our bag of salt was almost empty.

So basically, we were stuck. And the spirits were right there. Our loved ones. The worst part, though, was that they apparently had this thing where they could hypnotize us if we listened to them. My friend did. Crap.

I think I had an iron pot or pan or something. And that was how I got upstairs. I had to rescue my friends.

Except when I got upstairs…everyone was in the living room. Just talking and relaxing, both my friends and spirits alike.

They were stuck in a trance, sorta, at least kinda brainwashed. But the spirits weren’t hurting them. What they wanted was just to…subdue us. And have us be there with them. Forever.

I couldn’t leave, they wouldn’t let me.

It was…creepy.

3 years ago

Misha, Netball, Exams.

So I guess because I’ve been hearing all about the Supernatural nashcon and the girl who got to have tea with Misha and I’ve been tossing up whether to buy VIP tickets for the All Hell Breaks Loose Convention in Melbourne next year, my dream started off at some sort of convention though it wasn’t like any pictures I’ve seen of them. I think we were kind of in a lecture theatre but with tables and stuff too and not so steep and only clusters of chairs… I don’t know. Anyway. I’m not sure what we were watching but Misha was actually in the audience moving around people, but then the lights dimmed and whatever the show was was about to start. I was there by myself so Misha sat in an empty seat next to me. I guess we got talking and so he said I could meet up with him later for lunch. I did that and we talked I asked about his favourite books and movies and about the other cast members and about West and he was really nice. Except he seemed kind of sad. Maybe this was because someone said he was a little sad at nashcon after hearing about the 4chan people wanting to throw stuff at him. Anyway, I think my sister met him too and yeah. 

Then I was at school, and I was by myself again because well I’ve finished school and none of the girls in my year were there because we were all supposed to have left but for some reason I was there in my uniform, blazer and all. It was lunchtime and I sat down on a free chair near a younger girl who’s parents and grandpa were also there for some reason. I was just chillen, eating my mandarin when the little girl started talking to me. She asked if I was netball captain and I said no I was actually orienteering captain but I didn’t have my badge on my blazer right at that minute. She told me about her game after lunch at the netball centre where I used to play and it was a big game for her. I told her I’d come along and support the team in my school uniform. So I was there and cheering for them and then I realised that I was in Hobart but I hadn’t done my exams yet, and what the hell?

So I panicked and went home and had to wake up my mum and ask her what the date was and why I was in Hobart already and not in Melbourne taking my exams. She was very vague and unhelpful in her sleepy state but said the date was the 26th. Apparently I had an exam on the 27th (not true, but my brain got a little fuddled I guess) so I start panicking and saying that we have to book a flight because I have to get back for my exam.

That’s it.

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3 years ago



I had two dreams this morning, and neither of them made any sense.

In the first one, I was on a plane headed towards Australia. The plane was only about 10 feet long from the outside (the hell?) yet the inside was like that of a normal commercial jetliner. I remember that Nathan, Sally and Anne were with me in the plane, but I don’t really know why. Anyways, the dream skips to where the plane is crashing and Sally or Nathan tells me to make an emergency landing - somehow, I’m now the pilot. I point towards a large bay like the one next to the large bridge leading to Galveston, but Sally says that it wouldn’t be good, so I aim for a small strip of land near the water instead. We land on it but the brakes don’t slow the plane fast enough so we end up in the water anyway, and then the dream ends.

In the second dream, I was in a large blimp-like structure similar to the Spirit of Adventure as seen in the film Up. The inside of the structure looked like the inside of the very first room in the original Metroid Prime game, where you fight that larval queen boss with only 5 missiles and your normal blaster. There were four chambers holding four different monsters - Meta Knight, “Whip tail” and two others I don’t remember. I don’t remember much else besides that.

I don’t think either of these dreams had any significance at all to me. 

3 years ago

Guest Post: Joe, Ostrich River

The dream starts and I’m dropped into a really brown muddy river. I’m floating without even trying and the current is moving pretty quickly. Suddenly I realize there are three ostrichs floating in the river close behind me. They aren’t swimming after me, just floating along at a close distance. They are talking too, but I don’t remember anything they said. That was pretty much the whole dream. I just get going in circles and dodging crocs once in a while. The end.


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3 years ago



You guys, I don’t know what kind of weird shit I dream about, but I woke up with a made up song stuck in my head. The lyrics were “spongebob thinks you’re cool, spongebob thinks you’re really cool!”

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3 years ago

A really “WTF” kind of dream.


I had this fucked up dream this morning. idk wtf.

Anyway, so I was like a ghost or something.  There, witnessing things, but nobody else could see me.  And I was sitting in an airplane.  Then a transvestite (male dressed as a woman) comes and sits next to me.  And he was all paranoid as hell for some reason.  And then along comes this woman who wants some sexy time with him in the airplane bathroom.

{scene change}

Now I’m witnessing them in the airplane bathroom having sex.  Only the woman turns out to be a male transvestite too.  And he was like, giving slow motion anal over and over again to the paranoid transvestite. 

And when they were done, I was just there (as a ghost still), but, I had to poop so bad.  So I started pooping in the airplane bathroom toilet..while they were there on the floor doing nothing.

And then I woke up…really disturbed.

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3 years ago

save the kittens


Last night, I had a dream that I was at a Chinese market (of course), and they were selling kittens… as food. There were a bunch of them, adorably perched on top of a glass case, but they didn’t move. They were like stuffed animals, but I knew they were real. I bought one but didn’t have the heart to eat it, because WTF I love kittens. So someone told me to get a refund by going in through this contemporary-looking hallway because the manager was in there, and he was chill and totally understood.

Why can’t I just have normal dreams??

3 years ago

Guest Post: Angus, Fucking Fleet Foxes Man

So the other night I sang the entire Fleet Foxes album (not the new one) inside a giant cave which I’m 80% confident was a cave in Minecraft - as in, it was made of blocks and so forth. 

I’m a fucking good singer man. 

-Submitted by Angus.

3 years ago

Guest Post: Asmo, I think my brain is broken.

I just woke up from a dream where we were chasing down pedophiles as part of an elite crime fighting team using Google Maps and some sort of sex offender tracker and whenever they thought they were going to offend we’d go get them. Kind of like Minority Report. 

Anyway, we chased down one and he turned out to be really fat so we distracted him with several fancy layer cakes so my boss would sit on him and I could beat some information out of him. 

We never got to that point because we all forgot he was a pedophile - or it didn’t matter anymore. After he complained about one of the cakes we gave him being boysenberry I slapped him because that’s rude and then we spent the rest of our department’s budget on food to give to a charity for children who had been turned into mice by The Witches

Submitted by outfoxthefox

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"You mustn’t be afraid to dream a littler bigger, darling."
— Eames - Inception 2010